Roxine McQuitty
PRINTMAKING is the most fun to do of all the art forms.  Every time I pull the blankets back on the press bed, it is just like Christmas!  Others in the print lab sometimes get caught up in the excitement and they  run over to my press to share in the joy of "unwrapping the presents!"
     In my former life I was concerned with fingerprints and footprints, tire marks and tool marks.  Now, I am concerned with cutting board marks.  When I discovered  these marvelous boards with their distinctive shapes, their beautiful wood or plastic patterns, and their individual cuts, burns, and gouges were just being discarded by the "artists" who made them unique, I knew I had to preserve their history by printing them.
     Whenever I am asked if I print these cutting boards by the "relief" or the "intaglio" method, my answer is "yes and yes" as I ink the boards for both surface and crevices.  Consequently, I use more of a "collograph" method which treats the board as if an image has been sculpted onto the plate.
     Please enjoy the cutting boards prints and remember that "Printmakers do it on a bed, under blankets!"